Welcome to The Dead South Store


Love supporting your favorite artist? Well this is the perfect place to do it! When you buy directly from our store more of your dollar stays with us rather then going to the big corporations like iTunes and Google Play (don’t get us wrong – we love  those guys and all they do for the industry!) but it still gives us the warm fuzzies when our fans support us directly. It gives us an opportunity to travel to you and make great music for you. Which is what we love doing, so it’s a win-win.

Shop on my friend. Shop on.


Oh! And Heads up: Know that with every purchase, your MP3s will be emailed directly to you. You won’t download them from the store. One more time: Your MP3s will be emailed to you. You won’t download them directly from the store. SO make sure you use an email address you can access.


Otherwise: If you run into any problems with the store or your order please please shoot us a message here and let us know.




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